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Privacy Policy

We are strongly committed to protecting the privacy of all WordLinx users. The intent of this Privacy Policy is to detail the information we collect and how it is used.

We will only collect and use individually identifiable information in ways that are described here and in a manner that is consistent with our legal obligations.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and ensure that you understand it. Your acceptance of our Privacy Policy is deemed to occur upon your first use of the WordLinx network. If you do not accept and agree with this Privacy Policy, you must immediately stop using this website and any other websites that are part of the WordLinx network.



"We / Us / Our" - WordLinx's administrators (see Information About Us).

"WordLinx Users / User" - Anyone using the WordLinx network of websites.

"WordLinx Network" - Websites owned by WordLinx that form our advertising network. Our primary domains are wordlinx.com and wx.cm. We also own additional WordLinx-related domains to protect the WordLinx brand which do not form an active part of the network and do not collect individually identifiable information.


Information About Us

WordLinx is owned and operated by Rogue Media Ltd, registered in England and Wales company number 05347317. Registered address: Alexandra House, Alexandra Street, Nottingham, NG5 1AY. United Kingdom.


WordLinx User Information

WordLinx users are specifically asked for individually identifiable information when registering to use wordlinx.com. We store details from wordlinx.com online registrations to ensure that we have accurate records of our members and advertisers.


Stored Information

We store each wordlinx.com user's Email, system generated Username, IP Address and (if a match is available) Two-Letter ISO Country Code. If the wordlinx.com user provides them, we also store their First Name, Last Name, preferred Username, Date Of Birth and Gender.

We store each wx.cm user IP address and (if a match is available) wx.cm user Two-Letter ISO Country Code for 24 hours.

All data is stored on servers in the United States of America.


Shared Information

First Name / Email Address - In order to ensure delivery of our emails, wordlinx.com user first names and email addresses are shared with our email whitelisting providers MailJet and SendGrid. More information can be found on their respective websites.

Email Address - In order to verify that email addresses provided by new wordlinx.com users are real, email addresses are shared with our email verification service BriteVerify. More information can be found on their website.

IP Address - In order to accurately match relevant content to each WordLinx user, IP addresses are shared with our geographical location database provider GeoPlugin. More information can be found on their website.


Task Providers

WordLinx enables users to earn money by completing paid tasks via third-party providers. Any individually identifiable information shared by WordLinx users with these task providers (by completing a paid survey, for example) is solely between the WordLinx user and the task provider and is not shared with WordLinx in any way. Details of amounts earned are passed back to WordLinx from each task provider for each task so that we can accurately credit WordLinx users with the correct amount earned.


Website Cookies

We store cookies on wordlinx.com user devices so WordLinx users can access their individual accounts on the wordlinx.com website. We do not use cookies on the WordLinx network for advertising, tracking, retargeting or for any similar purpose.


Payment Details

WordLinx processes payments via PayPal. We do not store or share any payment details such as card numbers or account information. When taking payment via PayPal no credit or debit card details are passed on to WordLinx. To find out more details about the PayPal Privacy Policy, please consult PayPal's website.


Opt-in Emails

When joining WordLinx users are asked for their consent to receive (1) monthly newsletters, (2) advert status updates and (3) account reminders via email. WordLinx users can unsubscribe from any of these lists at any time by visiting the 'Account > Profile' page.


Account Removal

If WordLinx users no longer require their account, they can delete all individually identifiable information from our system by visiting the 'Account > Profile' page.


Privacy Policy Updates

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time (for example, if the law changes). Any changes will be immediately posted on this page and WordLinx users will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Privacy Policy on their first use of the WordLinx network following the alterations. We recommend that you check this page regularly to keep up to date.


Contact Us

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us via our support form.
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