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Member Questions

1. Why are there few or no adverts to click today?

PTC adverts are added throughout the day. If you don't see any now, there may be some later.

Adverts rely on advertisers. If there are no advertisers, there will be no adverts. To encourage more advertisers to join, please use your referral links. You'll earn an affiliate commission for every new advertising purchase you refer, so you'll benefit in two ways: more adverts and more commissions.

Why not advertise your own site? Our prices are some of the lowest in the industry!

2. Why do adverts keep breaking out of the timer frame?

Every advert is checked and approved before it is added to the Browse Ads page. However, in some cases adverts may not load the same in all browsers. Please view our adverts with a different browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer). You will be given a choice to cancel the framebreaker to gain credit.

3. What does 'Max Number Of Clicks' mean?

If you click an advert and a red message appears, it means you have clicked and missed the button the maximum amount of times for that advert. Please make sure you click the button first time for all future adverts, otherwise the system will think you are cheating and your account will be locked.

4. How can I use my points?

Points can be converted to traffic exchange credits or exchanged for free trial upgrades.

5. Where can I find my referral links and member number?

Log in and click 'Referrals > Banners & Links'. Your member number is on your Referral URL.

6. Can I change my upline / sponsor?

Sorry, we don't allow members to do that. If you have just joined, please delete your account and sign up again via the correct Referral URL (see above).

7. Why aren't I being credited for my clicks?

Our system has a unique cookie system. Please try the following: Enable cookies on your browser and set to allow all. Clear all your Temporary Internet Files and offline content. Set your Firewall and Anti-Virus software to allow access from http://www.wordlinx.com. Try using the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Delete your current login cookie. Find out how here.

8. I just signed up for email rewards. What happens now?

Reward emails are sent out at regular intervals throughout the month. They are worth between 2 and 20 points each. The amount will be credited after you have clicked the link in each reward email.

9. What payment processor do you use?

Our credit and debit card payments are handled by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to advertise (simply use direct order), but you do need a PayPal account to get paid as a member. This ensures all credit and debit card payments are recorded and all parties are protected against fraud.

10. How can I add or update my PayPal address?

Your PayPal email address will be requested when you cashout.

11. Why does it say 'cashout limit reached'?

A set amount of funds are allocated for instant payments each day. Members are paid on a first come, first served basis. If the current limit has been already been reached, please try again later or tomorrow.

12. Why has my account been locked?

Your account may have been locked for a number of reasons. Please contact Support so we can look into the matter. Please allow up to 30 days for a full investigation and a reply to your message.

13. How can I delete my account?

Simply login and click Account, then Delete Account, then click the large button. Please allow up to 7 working days to be completely removed from our system (includes reward emails and reminders).

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