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Link Questions

1. How do links work?

If you promote your website, blog and/or affiliate links online, you can convert the web address into a WordLinx shortened link and reach more people by promoting that instead. Easily generate extra visitors, up to 50% commissions and Share Points to promote your link on the WordLinx network.



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2. What are Share Points?

Share Points are generated whenever your links, or your referrals' links, receive visitors. The amount credited depends on the quality of the visit (duration, origin, etc) and membership level. You can use Share Points to advertise your link on the WordLinx network or convert them into cash.

3. Where will my link be advertised?

After your campaign has been approved, your link will be promoted between thousands of websites all over the web. It to be shown as a text advert at the top of other members' shortened links (example) or as a full screen advert shown for a minimum of 5 seconds before visitors continue (example).

4. How much does it cost?

You can create up to 50 shortened links completely free. If you want to create more than 50 you'll need to upgrade your account (less than $2 per month). Advertising prices are $0.002 ($2 CPM) per Website Visitor, $0.10 per Text Link Click and $0.001 ($1 CPM) per Text Link Impression.

5. What are Clicks and Impressions?

Clicks are the amount of people that will see your text advert, click it, then will be taken to your website, blog, affiliate link, etc. Impressions are the amount of times that your text advert will be displayed.

6. How do I create a shortened link?

Just visit the Links page, enter a web address to promote and click 'Create', then click 'Save'.

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