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About WordLinx
WordLinx is a pay-per-click advertising system that has been online since 2003. Advertisers pay members to visit their websites for a minimum amount of time. WordLinx charges advertisers a small commission to cover admin and running costs. Please visit our advertising page to find out more.

spends $100


get paid $100

Members earn up to $0.02 USD per click for visiting websites. The more sites visited, the more money will be earned. Members can withdraw their earnings (view payments) or exchange for advertising.

WordLinx members can also earn by sharing links across the web by email, and on popular social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Each shared link also contains a unique Referral ID, so members will earn from any person that views their shared link and signs up to our site.

Our members are only shown adverts when an advertiser has paid for a campaign. That way there will always be money to pay members. Many other programs pay their members without balancing it against their income, hoping more people will invest. Such programs usually collapse in a few months and take everyone's money with them. Always check you are dealing with a responsible company that pays realistic rates. If the maths don't add up, you won't get paid. It's as simple as that.

WordLinx does not have its own program currency. Totals are in United States Dollars. The amount you see is the amount you earn. You can track earnings with the credit counter in our member area.

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